Big gaming PC cases worth mentioned

The saying ‘living large’ applies to gaming as well. From performance to the newest stuff and to the biggest gaming pc cases to incorporate all that. I will try to show top 3 of the largest cases. Take it all with a bit of salt as this is my view.

I will take into count the overall space, considering we aim for better cooling, expansion and ultimately the overall look of the case.

Cooler Master HAF X Full TowerhOne of the most popular cases, Cooler Master HAF X Full Tower ?$S300W$, is just under $200. I find the pricing just right for its features. Maybe this is the reason that is so popular. Cheap price and great performance. As we are talking about big cases I will say this only once. Make sure you have enough space in your room for a beast like this. Plenty of room to include some of the largest air cooling kits and it comes with 4 fans. The design reminds me of the first pc shooter games.

big gaming pc cases
Phanteks Enthoo Primo – One of the biggest cases for gaming PCs

Phanteks Enthoo Primo has 20 kg. This should make you understand what big means for company. The interior design will be able to host anything that you could think off. If your cabling usually look messy, this case will help you conceal it. At $250 this is one of the best choice for overcloackers thinking of high tech cooling devices as the case has the ability to take it. As for the exterior design it’s simple with a lateral window that makes possible showing what you got inside it.

In-Win D-Frame
In-Win D-Frame – Non conformist model

Since we talk about some of the largest pc cases for gaming, let’s see what the In-Win D-Frame has to offer. First though when I saw this was that this only a prototype. But guess that I was wrong as this is available for sell at $400. This goes to the list of unique cases. Many shops are already out of stock for this product. But since I found some that still have it, I will introduce it here as it deserves it 100%. It not only offers you the chance to install your pc but the case it’s self. Made of aluminium it will put you to work to assemble it. They has 2 colours: red and orange. On the design level this gets first place from the 3 cases I talked about. The bad news is this is a limited edition and there will be only 150 pices sold to the US market. (update: this model is no longer available)

Other options that have plenty to offer are the NZXT Phantom 630, Antec GX700 Budget, Rosewill Gaming ATX Full Tower, Thermaltake Spedo Advance Package.

Planning for a monster gaming pc case and you didn’t know what are your options? I hope now you can take the one that fits you best.

Also leave your opinion bellow as I would like to hear your thoughts.

Are you ready to have a special gaming pc?

orange gaming desktopI remember the time when I used to get down on the floor to assemble my computer. I used to shop for every part and usually I would get each component from a different store. If you ever made your own PC you know the sensation of doing it yourself.
Now with all the development of the market computers that are offered as a whole have competitive prices. Now the question if it’s “still worthed to make your own PC or buy one already made?”, I think it will always be justified.
Let’s see if it makes sense for you as well. Let’s take the following 2 scenarios. First: you are a gaming addict but you have no skills or knowledge of making your own computer from parts. And second scenario: you like playing games and you have the knowledge to assemble the best components for maximum performance.
You probably see already the direction we are heading. Since the price of the final product is pretty similar for the 2 options (buy it or assemble it), with a small advantage for the first one, you see that your choices depend only of your knowledge and preference.
If you are like me you will enjoy every second you spend building it. Looking for the right case for maximum cooling effect (update: see the latest article for some of the biggest pc cases) and for design (friends can be easily impressed), motherboard, the perfect CPU, memory, video card, power supply, cooling system.. all that can work together perfectly. Thinking to overclock? Well you know where you want to get so I won’t continue.
If you blood gets going every time you see a new better, faster like the Intel 3.6 GHz Core i7-4960X released few months now.. By the way, did you know that the new processor it’s at least 5% faster than it’s predecessor and it is more electrical cost effective (like I am ever thinking about power consumption when I play on my pc). Anyway you can’t take the pleasure of making your own little beast to smash the competitors. But if you just want to play games like little kids.. well you go ahead to buy yourself an already made pc/ laptop.
Still with me? :) If so, let me know your preferred combination (and avoid talking about your new laptop) for a killer gaming experience in the comment area of this page.